Account Basics

  • Your Full-Blown Apps Account

    To access your Account details for the Full-Blown Apps facility you should first log in to your Studio Admin area.

    Set out below are a series of Screenshots outlining the interface of our Full-Blown Apps Studio.

  • Dashboard

    After logging into your app admin area, you will be taken to the Dashboard where you can Add and Edit your Apps. The Dashboard will also show Analytics for your App(s).
  • Subscriptions

    After your initial free-trial has passed you will be presented with the 'Subscription' screen when you try to edit your App. Enter your details and choose the app hosting subscription best suited to your requirements. Subscription Payments are via Paypal.
  • Design

    The Design screen is where you can choose a template for your app, pick the style of Menu upload custom app Image, and more.
  • Colours

    The Colours screen is where you can customize the colours of your app design.
  • Features

    The Features screen is where you can add/edit the features of your app e.g., Newswall, Video, Contact etc.
  • Application

    The Application screen is where you can upload an Icon for your app, as well as upload your app's Start-Up Images.
  • Publish

    To submit your App for Publishing you should complete the submission details on this screen.
  • Promote

    Once you have your App published on the stores, you can help promote your app by using your very own QR Code image. Just fill in the URLs where your app can be found then download your QR Code image. Using this image in your promotion materials will allow people to easily download your App from the appropriate store.
  • Analytics

    Analytics will help you understand how you App is being used, where it's being used, and how many people are using it.
  • Users

    This User screen allows you to control your App Users. You can add, edit or delete Users from here.
  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions
    If you use Discounts or Loyalty features in your app, this screen allows you to provide your own Terms & Conditions for using your Loyalty or Discounts.
  • Facebook

    If you intend using advanced facebook features in your app, you should input your API credentials here.
  • Instagram

    Input your Instagram API credentials here if you intend using Instagram-linked images in your app.
  • Domain

    The Domain screen shows you the URL to your Mobile Website version of your App. This URL should NOT be changed unless you know exactly what you're doing.